We’re Mythical.
A creative studio in Bahrain specializing in



Explainer videos, UI, logos, icons …

Animated videos add so much character and interest to any campaign.
We work closely with you to develop a script then it’s off to storyboarding, drawing, animating and sound design.


Branding, packaging, UI/UX …

Design is a visual representation and reflection of you and your business.
Thus, we take special care to ensure you end up with something that you and your audience can connect with.


Characters, icons, posters …

Illustrations are a great way to communicate and portray ideas.
We create custom illustrated images that are memorable, add visual appeal to any project and tell your story.

Mythical is established and run by people who are passionate about arts. We count ourselves lucky to be doing something we love. That’s why we put our hearts into each project so we can deliver something that is, at the very least, visually appealing and hopefully exceptional.

Our Works